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I wanted to share my experience with DurAlt. There are 3 key areas that this product really excels at:

1) It won’t kill you to use it. I looked at another product at the local speed shop and the label on the back of it was 90% warnings/cautions, including  it contained known carcinogens, causes birth defects, etc. It even recommended using gloves when using their product because if some were to get on your hands, they recommended to wash for 15 minutes with soap and water. The MSDS sheet for your product shows it to be much safer to use.

2) Performance. The first time I added Duralt to the tank after a fill-up, by the time I got to the street, I noticed a difference. The car (2012 Camry) idled so smooth that I had to look at the tachometer to make sure the engine didn’t stall. It didn’t run rough before but now it idles very smooth. In addition, the throttle response is much better than before. Prior to using Duralt, I would average 33-34 mpg over several tanks of gas, now I consistently am at 37 mpg, about a 9% increase.

3) Reduced maintenance. I sent in a sample of my engine oil to an oil analysis lab after 10,300 miles (normal drain interval for Toyota). Here is what the lab said:

“Wow. What a nice sample! Averages show typical wear levels for this engine type after about 6,800 miles on the oil. This oil was run a lot longer than average, but metals are nice and low by comparison, so there’s nothing here that looks like a problem. We’re impressed - this engine really looks great. The viscosity was fine, and no fuel dilution, water, or other contamination was found. The TBN shows a little active additive left for a longer oil run too. A low TBN is anything reading 1.0 or less. Go ahead and try 12,000 miles next time. Nice engine!”

The lab report really says a lot to me - I just started using Duralt at the 75,000 mile mark and changed the oil at the 80,000 mile mark so Duralt was used for about half of the oil drain interval and it produced great results.

I’m sold on this product. I will be ordering more soon!

M.K., Twinsburg, OH  6/24/2016

Change in mileage, I went 337.1 miles on 17.8 gallons, went from 16 to 18.93 miles per gallon. Big jump, previous tank crept into the 17 mpg range.
J.L., Engineer, Colorado Springs, CO

I started using Duralt in my truck at 132,000 miles.  It is a 1995 Ford F-150, two wheel drive pickup with a 4.9 liter (300 C.I.) inline 6 cylinder engine.  It has a 5-speed manual transmission and a 2.73 rear axle ratio.  It spent its first 93,000 miles in Ohio and has never adapted well to operation at high altitude (I live in Leadville at 10,200 feet).  Prior to using Duralt, this truck delivered an average 18 miles per gallon on the trip to and from work.  Going up over Fremont Pass (11,318 ft.) each day to and from work required me to shift down into third gear well before reaching the summit of the pass on either side.  The truck also used one quart of oil every 2,000 miles (my change interval is 5,000 miles) ever since we brought it here.   The truck has dual tanks so I "overdosed" each one to get the program started.  Mileage increased slightly to 19 miles per gallon.  I used the standard "dose"  (about .25 ounce per tank) on the next fill up.  Mileage after that fill up rose to 23 miles per gallon (this may have been due in part to a slightly different driving cycle).  Since then this vehicle has leveled off at 21 to 21.5 miles per gallon and oil consumption has tapered off to one quart every 4,000 miles.  It also now climbs both sides of Fremont Pass in fourth gear rather than third.  As a test, I stopped using the product for 2 fill ups.  Mileage dropped back to 19 miles per gallon.  After I resumed use, mileage returned to the 21 to 21.5 miles per gallon level and power remains the same.   Other than the addition of Duralt, I have not done anything else to this truck.  I am wondering what additional results the next tune up will produce.  I can honestly say that Duralt brought some life back to this tired old "horse".
J.J., County Fleet and Maintenance Manager, Frisco, CO

Here's the results that we have gotten on our vehicles. On the Toyota 4-Runner we get approximately an 18-20% increase in fuel mileage. On the Toyota Sequoia we got 25% increase. On the Ford F250 Diesel we have used the fuel additive from day one so can't tell about an increase but we do know that we produce much less smoke at take off than other trucks we see on the road that are the same model and year!
Becky and Bubba G.

I ran your product in my motor home and went from 8 to 11 miles per gallon.  My numbers might be a little off because I also slowed down to 55 miles per hour.   You may remember my father is the one that has a Ford F250 and has seen about a 15% increase while using the product.
M.M., Colorado Springs, CO

I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix.  I started noticing a vibration when my car would set and idle.  After running just one tank of fuel treated with Duralt CFC, I noticed a huge improvement.  The vibration was gone.  I could notice a big improvement in power when pulling out from a stop light.  After a few more tanks treated with Duralt CFC I saw an improvement in my gas mileage.  I had improved 2-3 miles per gallon.  I have used the product ever since.  I would recommend this product to anyone.
R.C., Business Owner, Pennsylvania

I have been using your fuel saver product for approximately six months in two different automobiles.   '07 Toyota Tacoma 6 cy, 4 wd, for this vehicle my mileage increased 3 to 5 miles per gallon for both city and highway.   '04 Toyota Corolla, for this vehicle my mileage has increased 5 to 7 miles per gallon for both city and highway.   I would highly recommend this product to anyone for their vehicles, as I plan to continue using this product. 
B.W., Pueblo, CO

About a year and a half ago when gas was peeking at the highest price ever I was complaining to a friend of mine that my 2004 Nissan Frontier Supercharged pickup has to burn premium gasoline or it knocks and pings, spits, sputters, ect... He told me about your product so I looked it up online and placed an order.   I am now able to burn regular grade gasoline in my vehicle without any side effects what so ever and a savings of .25 to .75 cents per gallon. I have recommended your product to everyone I know.   I then put the recommended amount in my 1998 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic and within 2 to 3 miles I noticed a drastic increase in acceleration. In a short time after this I noticed my gas mileage improved 20 to 30 percent, my bike idles much better and starts much easier.   I told some biker buddies about your product and they have found the exact same results as I have. Thank you for a great money saving product.   A Customer For Life,
K.Z., Bedminster, New Jersey

I have used Duralt for more than three years in my 2006 Lexus LS430.  The manufacturer's instruction states I should use Premium grade fuel.  However-by using the additive, I am able to use regular grade fuel which saves me twenty cents per gallon plus the additional gas mileage which turns out to be 4.1 miles per gallon better.  I think this is really a win-win arrangement for me.  The greatest use of the product has been the increased performance of my "old" CASE tractor (Marvel-Schebler Carburetor, engine is a Case 4 cylinder valve in head).  The tractor is a 1951 year model VAC-14.  I bought it in 2003 just for my personal satisfaction (it was the first rubber tired tractor my Dad bought).  I have a 3 acre ranchette here in Waddell, AZ and I use it to irritate the gophers and mow the pasture.  From the first day I purchased the tractor, it was difficult to start.  I don't have a hand crank for it so I spent many hours charging the 6 volt battery, putting in new spark plugs , wires and new batteries.  When I got the fuel additive for my car I thought it would be worth a try on the "old" tractor.  I added some to the fuel tank while it was running.  I immediately noticed a smoothing of  the engine and it seemed very much more responsive to the throttle movement.  I shut it down hoping it would re-start OK and when I tried it I was absolutely amazed.  It started after the first turn of the engine.  It still does so to this day and it starts well (one turn) when it is cold or hot.  This tractor loves the Duralt and it tells me so every time I start it even when it hasn't been started for several months.  I have not had to replace nor charge the battery since the start of using the additive.  I tell my neighbors this tractor dances when it gets Duralt! ! !
B.M., Engineer, Waddell, Arizona

I am a courier and I drive on the average 300 miles a day, 1500 miles every week-Monday through Friday. Since I pay for my own gas, I'm always looking for ways to get better gas mileage. I noticed a truck on the highway one day that had a sign that advertised about saving money on gas mileage.  I called it and it sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try.  I was very skeptical at first and bought one bottle to test it out with a money back guarantee. About half way through this first bottle of fuel saver, I  did not notice much of a change as for getting better gas mileage, so I requested and received my refund in the mail the next day.  However, wouldn't you know it-I finished the bottle and by one or two filler ups using the fuel saver, I noticed a 10-12% increase in gas mileage and savings. I immediately called Fuel Saver and gave them my refund check back. Then I bought a case and have been saving money ever since. Take it from me, it definitely saves gas and money!  Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful product!
R.S., Courier, Littleton, CO

I just wanted to say I've been using the fuel additive for about 3 months now and didn't see any noticeable difference till about the third month when I didn't even realize how much gas I had left and I was miles away from a gas station. I usually average about 400 Miles a tank (which is what my odometer was at) and I was able to drive another 25-30 miles unexpectedly to the nearest gas station and get more gas! FuelSaver has extended my gas usage by at least a gallon if not more. It has definitely paid for itself and then some. I plan to keep using it for my long daily commutes.
P.R., Salt Lake City, UT

To anyone considering Duralt for their car (or truck for that matter), I highly recommend it.  On two occasions I watched friends literally be shocked at how quickly their cars responded.  In each instance, the cars were about 8 or 9 years old respectively.  One was a Jeep SUV (Laredo I believe), and the other was my brothers Volkswagon Golf.  With regards to the jeep, it was within a few minutes of driving that we noticed a 'massive' improvement.  Yes, massive.  The engine was previously very rough and rumbling.  Very quickly, the Duralt must have made its way through the cars 'valves' (i'm not a car guy), and worked its magic.  With my brother...he noticed driving his car home from work, where he normally had to 'give it' some gas on the bridge where the onramp requires a boost of energy.  He said his engine sounded way smoother.  So yes, I recommend this product to anybody.  I've read on a chat board (for Harley Davidson) where some people worried about the cost.  I think this is silly.  The money you save at the pump should self-finance your duralt purchase;  not to mention saving on your car/trucks wear and tear which would be very expensive.
R.M., Business Owner, Vancouver, Canada

I have been incredibly impressed with your DurAlt Fuel Conditioner.  Not only has it improved the miles per gallon in my 2006 Infinity FX by 10-20%, I have been able to use regular gas instead of premium with no degradation, performance.  Using regular gas is saving me 20 cents per gallon at the pump, with increased fuel efficiency!  I am using it in all my cars and they run smoother and use less fuel.  I estimate that I am saving at least $4-5 per tank on fuel costs!  Thanks for a great product!
T.G., Chiropractor, Colorado Springs, CO

I started using DurAlt in a 1995 Ford F-150 at 132,000 miles.  Prior to using DurAlt this truck delivered an average of 18 miles per gallon on the trip to and from work.  Going over Fremont Pass (11,318 ft) each day required me to shift down into third gear.  Using DurAlt, mileage rose to 23 miles per gallon and it also climbs both sides of Fremont Pass now in fourth gear rather than third. 
J.J., Fleet Manager, Frisco, CO

I averaged 16% to 25% reduction in fuel consumption in my mini-vans, and a 40% reduction in fuel use in my 98 Dodge Ram Pickup; the truck also was quieter and ran noticeably smoother!
R.L., Space Systems Engineer, Colorado Springs, CO

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