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DurAlt® Fuel Conditioner
provides Optimal Nutrition for your engine!

DurAlt® is a Commercial Grade Fuel Additive for Use in Vehicles/Equipment, Gas or Diesel.

By improving combustion and cleaning out MPG-robbing carbon deposits, DurAlt® boosts engine performance & reduces emissions significantly.

FuelSaver Technologies is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Company.  All products 100% MADE IN THE USA!
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*10% increase in MPG is average from over a billion fleet test miles

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Validated by Fortune 100 companies and independent labs around the world!

Product has been granted 54 Patents and Trademarks

Turns fuel into
"Top Tier" High Performing Fuel!

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Two 4 oz. Bottles
with Dosing Chambers
for Consumer Vehicles

$41 for 2-Pack
SALE PRICE: $39.99
(shipping included)
Treats 320 Gallons of Gas or
200 Gallons of Diesel

Combo Pack
Two 16 oz. Bottles

with Dosing Chambers
for RVs/Big Trucks

$73.99  for 2-Pack
(shipping included)
Treats 1,280 Gallons of Gas or 800 Gallons of Diesel

Combo Pack
4oz Bottle+16oz Refill
Refill 4oz & SAVE!

  for Combo-Pack

(shipping included)

of Gas
500 Gallons of Diesel


Fuel molecules clump together resulting in inefficient combustion which wastes fuel and pollutes the air with harmful emissions.  Our fuel conditioner (with patented DurAlt® technology) chemically separates the fuel at the molecular level allowing the fuel to combust more completely. This significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves MPG.  Our additive also increases the lubrication of engine moving parts resulting in reduced maintenance costs.   This product is highly concentrated -- "a little squeeze is all you need" -- simply add directly to bulk storage tank or individual vehicle tank.  It pays for itself -- your savings will be greater than the cost of the product  -- guaranteed!!

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MANY BENEFITS  in one easy to use bottle!  A small squeeze of our fuel conditioner in your vehicle's fuel tank does all of this:

  • Combusts fuel more efficiently
    improving your MPG by 10-20%
  • Cures ethanol-blend fuel problems
  • Saves 18¢ to 33¢ on each gallon at      $2.00/gal. (more as fuel prices rise!)
  • Reduces emissions up to 61%
  • Lubricates engine reducing friction
  • Cleans fuel injectors & combustion chamber, removing carbon deposits
  • Reduces engine octane need       
    allowing use of Regular vs. Premium
  • Boosts diesel cetane value by 2 points
  • Protects fuel injectors and fuel pump
  • Stabilizes fuel and prevents oxidation of fuel & fuel tanks
  • Works as biocide in diesel preventing
    algae and bacteria growth

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